Loan Products

Doctor-Professional Mortgage Loans
For those on the fast-track to financial security and success, Pinnacle Lending Services’s Doctor-Professional Mortgage Loans are available to you. These loans are based on future earnings potential and can help your transition into home-ownership. Click here to see our list of eligible professionals.

Jumbo Loan Mortgages
Do you need financing for the home of your dreams? With over 25 years of working with borrowers from every economic background, Pinnacle Lending Services has the experience and resources to help make your dream home a reality. With the resent changes to the financial market, working with a Jumbo Loan specialist can ease the stress of the process. Read more to view loan qualifications and information.

VA Home Loans
If you or a spouse are a veteran of the armed forces, Pinnacle’s Lending team is here to help you purchase a home. Our mortgage professionals understand how to navigate the checkpoints and paperwork associated with government lending programs. Click here to read about VA Loan requirements.

FHA Home Loans
The Federal Housing Administration Loans exist to help borrowers make the transition from renter to homeowner. Pinnacle’s Lending team’s resources and knowledge will help you navigate the process of becoming a first-time home buyer. Click here to see the benefits of and FHA Loan.

Construction Loans
Are you looking to build your dream house? Construction-to-Permanent loans ease the progression of financing for both the construction and permanent loan. Pinnacle’s strong relationship with area custom home builders has provided him with the experience to make the process of obtaining a Construction-to-Permanent loan as painless as possible.